Dear Valerie: The Blog

In which I share memories of my daughter as I learn to navigate this unpredictable, foreign land of grief.


  • Last Year & Today: March 22

    Last Year & Today: March 22

    This is the first time I’m trying this: starting with journal notes I made 1 year ago on this date, how I feel on re-reading these notes, and comparing where I was then with today. Should be interesting.

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  • Second Spring

    Second Spring

    I wrote this letter to my daughter on March 20, 2023, the first day of Spring. This is my second spring without her, and I still have more questions than answers.

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  • The End of January

    The End of January

    This is the letter I wrote to Valerie on the first anniversary of the day she died. In some ways, losing her is even harder now, after a whole year of daily reminders of the impact of her death.

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  • My First Mother’s Day Without Valerie

    My First Mother’s Day Without Valerie

    A very difficult day: the first Mother’s Day I had to spend without my daughter. This and every other holiday is now and forever changed.

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  • Dear Valerie: An Introduction

    Dear Valerie: An Introduction

    A letter to my readers, introducing my blog, Dear Valerie: Remembering My Daughter.

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  • Immortality: The Poem

    Immortality: The Poem

    Immortality, the Clare Harner poem, was a favorite of my daughter Valerie. I’ve also created a video, an illustrated reading of this poem, available now on YouTube.

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